Youth Achieve Program

Youth Achieve program of Junior Achievement Greece is part of the ACE (All Children in Education) programme. The programme “All Children in Education” is a UNICEF initiative in collaboration with the Ministry of Migration and Asylum, implemented in collaboration with a number of partners, with co-funding from the European Union.

Youth Achieve includes several online educational tools that aim to prepare the underage refugee hosts of the accommodation centers for the labor market and education in Greece, as well as the relevant culture regarding work, education, and professional orientation. 

For this purpose, we have created three informative and educational videos and this website, which includes useful information about work, education, culture, and professional orientation in Greece for our young friends. 

The whole material is carefully designed to provide all the necessary information for the young refugees and the professionals who support them, in a comprehensive and entertaining way. It fully responds to the immediate needs and special characteristics of young refugees towards their first professional and educational steps in Greece. 

Through Youth Achieve, our young friends will enjoy the journey of exploring their opportunities in Greece, believe in themselves, and get inspired for their own journey.  


Prepare yourself to succeed in the job market. Everything you need to start your job seeking is here! In this menu you will get useful information to create your resume and cover letter, as well as how to communicate professionally with an employer. You will also find job-finding resources, tips on how to smartly use technology for job seeking, and you will learn about your rights and benefits as a professional or unemployed person. 


A journey of thousands of kilometers begins with just one step. Choose the studies that interest you to start your own journey. There are many different studying types and options to choose the one that suits you best. In this menu you will find information about various educational opportunities in Greece. Education is the key to personal and professional success! 

Career Orientation & Lifelong Learning

Discover yourself and your professional personality. Here you will see how you can find what suits you professionally, to make the right choices and be happy with your career. You will also find multiple opportunities for lifelong learning and online education as well as useful information on how to recognize any academic qualifications you have acquired in your country. The employability guide will give you answers to many professional issues that concern you. 


Get inspired by the stories of young refugees in Greece to create your own success story! Here, you have access to three educational and informative videos about education and work in Greece that include real stories of educational and professional success. Remember, difficulties are part of the journey, but the results reward 

Material for the Field Professional

Here, you can find material about career orientation for immediate use by the field professionals (educators, psychologists, social workers etc) for  the implementation of relevant activities in the field. This material is classified based on the three main themes of Youth Achieve’s website (work, education, culture-career guidance) and includes experiential exercises, questionnaires for the identification of abilities and professional interests, informative and educational material for distribution, power point presentations that you may use in group workshops, bibliography, and useful references. The material can be used by the field professional in various activities about career readiness,   according to the background and the needs of the young teenagers in your field.