Employment & Unemployment

If you have a legal job in Greece, (it means that you have signed a legal contract with your employer), together with your salary you also receive insurance (for your health and your future pension) and you have some working rights such as paid leave, sick leave, and other benefits. It is good to prefer a legal job that covers your employment rights rather than an illegal job. Working non legally,  you undertake a risk and you do not receive your working rights mentioned before. You can see here more details about what your working rights are, as an employee in Greece. 

If you are currently unemployed and you are 18 years of age or older, you can issue your unemployment card from DYPA online. The unemployment card gives you some advantages such as discounts on tickets, free transport in public transportation and many more benefits. If you are fired from your legal job, or your contract ends, consider whether you meet the criteria to receive the unemployment allowance which is currently €480 per month for one year. If you find your next job earlier than one year, you can apply to receive the employment allowance till the end of the year. Ask for information at your local DYPA, or an accountant from an NGO.  You also have the possibility to book an appointment online with a DYPA ΄s job counselor, who will help you find your next job. 

DYPA is the Public Service for Employment in Greece. There are many DYPA offices in all regions of Greece and you can address to them whenever you are looking for information about work, , you want to attend a professional training or educational seminar offered by DYPA or you want to check your rights and benefits as an employed and unemployed. There are many programs offered by DYPA and you can apply. Also, you can book an appointment with DYPA’s employability counselors,  who can help you to  find your next job, clarify your professional goals, and inform you about educational opportunities from DYPA and other organizations. You can find out about DYPA’s services from its official website here, create your profile to access DYPA’s online services here and – if you are unemployed – make an appointment at the nearest DYPA office with a job counselor. 

Attention! The law regarding working rights in Greece,  as well as DYPA’s policies, may change regularly, so keep yourself updated through DYPA’s website or other trustworthy sources of information.